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Team Member

Karin Banse from Kreisgemeinschaft Gumbinnen did some management while Gerhard-Dietrich Thies provided the 25 GByte historic image archive

Suna Bueyuekkilic and Funda Uygun masterstudents of Izmir Institute of Technology, Departement of Architectural Restoration, Turkey did the photogrammetric measurements and 3D modeling during their stay in Bielefeld in the Erasmus exchange programme

Dr. Nicolay Dementiev from the State University Vologda, Russiasupported modeling and did the Russian translation of the Web site.

Team Gussew

Suna Bueyuekkilic, Funda Uygun,
Nikolay Dementiev

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lange, Bielefeld University, was responsible for total station measurements.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guenter Pomaska , University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Faculty of Architecture and Civil engineering, VR Lab, acted as a supervisor and provided rendering and animation as well as the Web design.

Staff VR Lab

Guenter Pomaska, Christian Lange

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