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Virtualizing the Architectural Model of the Town Gumbinnen (Eastprussia)

Bielefeld city government took over partnerships to former East German cities. The cultural heritage of those cities is preserved in history rooms and archives. The municipal archive located in Bielefeld, Rohrteichstrasse 19, exposes a city model of Gumbinnen(Eastprussia) today named Gussew(Russia). The Kreisgemeinschaft Gumbinnen is going to transfer this model and other items to Gussew for the purpose of establishing a museum.

Gumbinnen was first mentioned in records 1556 as a village and growed to a marketplace After the great Black Death 1709/10 Friedrich Wilhelm I, King of Prussiasupported the rehabilitation and Gumbinnen received 1724 municipal rights. Gumbinnen was capital of the administrative district of the same name. 1939 the population was 24 534 inhabitants. After World War II the city was given its new Russian name Gussew. More about the history can be figured out by visiting www.ostpreussen.net.

The model was produced due to the resolution of the representatives of Gumbinnen based on the offical street map scale 1:5000 from 1936, aerial photos, photos, drawings and sketches.

Because of the projected resettlement the request exists for digitizing the model for the purpose of computer animations and web publishing. In the first step a digital city model formulated in CityGML, an international OGC standard, is produced by means of photogrammetry and CAD technology. Buildings are defined with different level of details for the major structures and roof elements. The model contains about 1200 buildings and is now available in renderings, animations and interactive real time animations and of course for Google Earth.

This project is a co-operation between Kreisgemeinschaft Gumbinnen, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey and University Vologda, Russia. You can visit us as well on WordPress, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

(c) University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld 2011