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The raw data coming in DXF format from the Z-Glif software must be converted into 3D geometry. In a first step the photogrammetric models are joint inside AutoCAD and exported with the WBLOCK command for use inside SketchUp. Position of the measurement is controlled by the underlying bitmap of the existing map.

SU software is preferred for the 3D model because of the oppurtunity of its push-pull tool and grouping functions. A feature we need later for real time animation. The repeated details of the buildings are modeled as components. particular the structures of the roofs.

Facades of landmarks are detailed by using rectified and scaled textures (old images of the buildings). The appropriate materials and colors which are selected similar to original features of the model are added to surfaces which are organized in different layers.

SketchUp modeling from raw data to 3D geometry

Urban scale and structured modeling

Detailed modeling

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