3D Object Reconstruction from Photosynth Point Clouds



Open source Software like MESHLAB and BLENDER are powerfull tools for mesh processing, rendering and animation. Access to Photosynth point clouds closes a gap in the working chain from recording to 3D object reconstruction. A digital camera delivers the range maps, MESHLAB does the mesh processing and with BLENDER's UV image editor the scene becomes a realistic look.

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Click here for downloading the contribution to XXII CIPA Symposium, Kyoto, Japan [PDF 1.1 MByte]

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Monument in remembrance of Dukes Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand and Friedrich Wilhelm of Brunswick who died during the war of liberation against Napoleon (lat 52.259693, long 10.530974).

X3D - download the model [zip 1.1 MByte].

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Ferdinand von Schill was a Prussian officer who revolted against French domination. Schill was killed 1809 at Stralsund on May 31. German patriots obtained his head for the dedication of the monument 1837.

Visit Google Earth at lat 52.25645 and long 10.54157 to view this monument in it's environment.

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View the Berghauptmann as a Photosynth!

More models are uploaded to the GOOGLE 3D WAREHOUSE and belong to the collection Denkmale.

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Switch from photo to point mode type P. MS Photosynth and Silverlight must be installed.

Download the Python script. DXF point cloud to Stanford PLY *.jar upon request

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